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Olivia Ogren


Work Address:

Current Address:

Iowa State Daily

3208 Ross Road

108 Hamilton Hall, Ames, IA 50011

Ames, IA 50014



Iowa State University; major: Journalism and Mass Communications; minor: Economics; graduation date: December 1999


Academic Recognition Scholarship awarded by Iowa State University, National Science Merit Scholar, Illinois State Scholar.


National Press Photographers Association, Agriculture Business Club, Maple Hall - Friant House Recycling Chairperson, Iowa State Humane Society, and Iowa State Pre-Veterinary Club.



Sales Support Center/ActionLine Intern at American Cyanamid

Gained knowledge of the agricultural chemical industry, understanding of customer needs, and experience in market research.

Work Experience: (1999)

Photography Editor, Staff Writer at the Iowa State Daily

Experienced in interviewing, digital cameras (NC2000 and DCS 520), darkroom techniques, Photoshop, Quark, remote transmitting, and editorial duties- including training of and communication with employees.


Director of Public Relations/Promotions, staff photographer and writer at Ethos Magazine

Create and coordinate promotional events, solicit advertising, form marketing campaigns, continue previous fundraising efforts, and obtain sponsorship.


Staff Photographer for the Iowa State Daily (1995 to present)

Special to (as a photographer):

  • Sioux City Journal
  • Cedar Rapid Gazette
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune


* Transcripts and references available upon request.